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Apparently inspired by an EBay transaction involving a house and a paper clip, Wardle uses all his love of Wodehouse to bring us an at times hilarious account of a young man hell-bent on making something of himself in a hostile world. There are elements of real humour in this excellent novel, and I have to say I enjoyed it immensely. (www.booksmonthly.co.uk Feb 2013)


This is british humour at its best!! A funny and charming delight. You will struggle to put this book down and you'll fail not to smile! Just wonderful! (TreyG00D. Barnes and Noble.com)


A delightful satire: `Trading Vincent Crow' is a sharply written, character-driven satire, laced with acute observations and delightfully recognizable situations. (cemery: Amazon.com review)


Trading Vincent crow is, once started, hard to put down. Following the adventures of a young chap along the (sometimes rough) trades of life, the reader is taken along and becomes part of a great adventure. D.C.J Wardle's writing is a delight, precise and creative. The situations in which our hero gets entangled are depicted with both humor and a sharp attention to details. This intelligent novel will make you laugh very loud but also invite you to reflect on the things in life that can make it a real adventure. (Francois G: Amazon.com review)


Just sit back and enjoy. Nothing to figure out, nothing to scare me, just laugh and enjoy. I like that quality in Trading Vincent Crow… it was an enjoyable read. I'm guessing there will be a sequel. I liked Trading Vincent Crow and would like to read what happens. (http://fernijerbook.wordpress.com/2012/02/28/trading-vincent-crow/)


A great read with a lot of humour. A great book that I thoroughly enjoyed! You will definitely begin to see yourself in Vincent, a man destined to do his best!! Clever writing that will make you laugh in all the right places. (Cathrine Scully: Amazon.com reviews)


Definitely "Alright" Vince. Trading Vincent Crow by D.C.J. Wardle is a witty, fast paced and brilliantly written tale that will give you many laugh out loud moments,and keep you page turning from the beginning all the way through to the very end - we have a humorous and highly recommended read.I very much look forward to the next D.C.J. Wardle novel. (Pat O'Meara; Amazon.com review)


Trading Vincent Crow is an easy fun read that is just bursting with British humour. The author has a way of writing that keeps you enthralled and turning the pages. This book is a must read to add to your holiday reading list. On a personal note I often found myself giggle especially during Gran's rants. (Allison Sarah Christie; Amazon.co.uk review)


I really enjoyed this book, as a reader and as a writer. I enjoyed the humor and as in other reviews, found myself with real "out loud" giggles. As an avid reader, I found myself engaged. As a writer I admired the pace. Never getting lost in the story and no dull spots. DCJ kept the story moving and kept my mind thinking. The premise of the story is an intriguing venture into what ends up being a philosophical walk. I liked the overall tone and residual I took from the story. I was on vacation at the beach, with a bit of hesitation at first wanting to read a new author(to me), and I am glad I did. I recommend this author and look forward to more coming! Great work! (Daizie; Goodreads.com)


Very much a page turner. I loved the premise for this book and it didn't disappoint. Most people will relate to this protagonist in one way or another. It's definitely a book that I'll be recommending. Looking forward to what will come next from this author. (Hustla Da; Goodreads.com)


A book filled with laugh out loud moments - reading this on a train, as I did, will get you some strange looks! A brilliantly light-hearted read that'll have you smiling. (Matthew; Goodreads.com)I picked up this book, fell in love and couldn't put it down.


The self deprecating humour in this book is brilliant and keeps you wondering what the next trade up (no matter how small will be). I was disappointed when it finished and wanted to show how long the last trade up would work. In some ways motivating, in other ways depressing. It's a brilliant read and I look forward to the sequel. (Nic; amazon.co.uk review)


An extremely thought provoking yet funny read. The author balanced a complex journey of evolution and discovery with moments of comic genius. I shall be looking for more from this author. (dannygeorge80. Barnes and Noble.com)


Worth reading - but not in a public place where snorts of laughter would cause offence! A story of success (of sorts!) told with a very wry sense of humour.....(Harriet Fowler: Amazon.com review)


I loved the premise and the novel didn't disappoint! Hooked from page one. Really excited for the 2nd book as I'm sure there has to be...! (Bruce Manns. Barnes and Noble.com)


This rockets straight into my top 5 reads! I cannot stress how much I enjoyed this novel. Funny, thought provoking, well written. I couldn't turn the pages fast enough. I am waiting impatiently for a follow up from this author!! (John Addis. Barnes and Noble.com)


A holiday read that almost ruined my holiday! I couldn't put this book down... what is the next trade going to be? I kept asking myself. I stayed up late to read rather than head to the bar and woke up early to read rather than hit the pool... But I think I loved my holiday even more for it! (Duggie79. Barnes and Noble.com)






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