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Ever wanted a better life?  

Vincent Crow is determined to get one by trading his...

Trading Vincent Crow. 

Vincent Crow had heard somewhere that you could trade a piece of useless junk on the internet and within a year of swapping it for better and better things you could get cool stuff. Crow decided that he himself was going to start off as that piece of tat, jump from one job to the next; indeed he would trade one lifestyle for a new one, until he was finally a success. Every three months he would have to trade-up for an entirely new life - new job, new girl, new wheels, new pad, new threads - until he reached the top.

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Vincent Crow: Export

Vincent's unique but ad-hoc approach to self-improvement has inspired him to journey east. He has the chance for a completely new beginning as he throws himself in to the unexplored depths of the Asian business world. The cascade of disaster that permeates Vinces haphazard approach to personal advancement means that this new chapter of his life in a foreign country is anything but straightforward.  However, Vince has the added complication of bringing his nan along for the adventure, which may not be the most astute decision he has ever made...

Vincent Crow Export

Podcast featuring 3 extracts from

"Trading Vincent Crow"

read by actor David Wayman.


The three of them would be quite a team...

Well, apart from his Nan...

Latest review for Vincent Crow: Export

I love these books, Trading Vincent Crow (book 1) and this novel (book 2) are tremendously funny! In my experience I always find that I fall in love with the characters in a book series in book 1, I’ll laugh hard but then the second books comes along and I’m disappointed, this could be because I’m expecting too much or the author has run out of new humor, this was certainly not the case here!! I laughed just as much, if not more, with this book! It really is a fantastic story and the characters you will fall in love with. I can’t wait for more belly laughs from this author. (GuySmiley B&N review)


I just loved the sequel to 'Trading Vincent Crow'. Such great characters and a funny storyline to match. It's whimsical, funny and often absurd, and not unlike real life in many ways! I can't wait for the next book from Mr. Wardle. Brilliant! (Charlotte Sterrett, Amazon.com review)


D.C.J Wardle strikes again! A charming and hilarious story set in a foreign country. What could go wrong? This story had all the humour I was expecting and more. Very british and very funny! If you're a fan of Are you being Served or Fawlty Towers then this is a book for you! (J-Mogs, B&N review).


A brilliant sequel! Excellent! I had a very, very good time reading "Export". Great humor; I laughed in almost every chapter. Anyone who has lived in some exotic part of the world will relate to the many "exotic" experiences Vince goes through. Particularly good is the analysis of the livelihoods of people in the official circles of the imaginary country our friend Vince settles in. Truly hilarious! (Francois G review: Amazon.com)


What a brilliant follow up!! Vincent is now off on an adventure to the Asia… With his Nan! What could possibly go wrong? Although this novel is extremely funny, you will certainly relate with Vincent, a man that merely wants to better himself, albeit in an extreme way by completely changing his life! Think the paper clip to the house story, but with yourself! ( CharleneR: B&N review)


If you want to laugh out loud, literally, then this series is for you! Trading Vincent Crow gave us Vincent, a guy with big dreams but find himself in some hilarious situations. Now, he’s taken out of his comfort zone and quite frankly the hilarity is ten fold. Did I mention he brings along his Nan? Brilliant British humor! (SandraLene - B&N review)

"Three people, three problems,

one solution. That’s why the three of

us have to rob this bank.

What’s more, we have to do it tonight.”

The colossal roll of thunder that roared from the night sky, close above, shaking the floor and rattling the windows in their frames did nothing to steady Kheng’s frayed nerves or suppress his increasing anxiety as he cautiously led his co-conspirators through the dark corridors of the Maklai Provincial bank.


Still, once they’d made it through to the safe room, all they had to do was take the money that they needed and make their way back out. It was a simple plan, and would solve the ever-growing burden of problems that had been forming since old Papa Han had passed away.


It had never occurred to Kheng that his co-conspirators might have some very different ideas of their own about how the robbery should eventually play out. He was even less aware that he was far from alone in his attempts to capitalise on the evolving circumstances of recent weeks.


Deciding to plan a heist of the provincial bank in a sleepy backwater town in South East Asia wasn’t going to be the straightforward solution that Kheng had imagined, even if he did have the advantage of being the bank’s longest-serving night guard.

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"Gentle shades of sharp humour pervade this terrific yarn about an insider job on a provincial bank..."  www.booksmonthly.co.uk - Jan 2016

"The Feiquon Heist is a superbly written caper of social pecking orders, rising and falling aspirations, plus, THE most impromptu bank robbery you could ever imagine!


Set in an off-the-beaten-track town in South East Asia this marvellous, warm-hearted tale has oodles of classic, standout moments, both humorous and poignant – it’s a little bit special, and I loved it. 5/5 "


A very entertaining story!


Anyone who has spent time in Southeast Asia will be able to relate to many anecdotes. Lots of fun to be had throughout the unfolding of the intelligent and quirky plot. Characters are all great in their own way; and their stories are uniquely crafted. Amazon.com (review)

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